Helen BAUD

Модель: 56
Манок на ворону Helen Baud, 56
1,150 руб.
Модель: AC56
Манок на ворону Helen Baud, акриловый, AC56
2,350 руб.
Модель: AC85
Манок на гуся белолобого Helen Baud, акриловый, AC85
2,350 руб.
Модель: AC79
Манок на гуся серого Helen Baud, акриловый, AC79
2,450 руб.
Модель: 66
Манок на кабана Helen Baud, 66
2,050 руб.
Модель: 74
Манок на нырка Helen Baud, деревянный, 74
1,400 руб.
Модель: AC611
Манок на утку Helen Baud, акриловый, AC611
2,300 руб.
Модель: 69
Манок на утку лысуху Helen Baud, регулируемый, 69
1,550 руб.
Модель: 102
Подвес на 2 манка Helen Baud, 102
350 руб.
Модель: 103
Подвес на 3 манка Helen Baud, 103
400 руб.

It is in Carpentras, in the middle of Provence, that the Manufacturer Helen BAUD, specialized in manufacture and sale of bird calls, offers you a broad range of high quality products.

ItThe manufacturer has developed three ranges :

  • The range "The bird calls Helen BAUD" which includes about 80 products, sold in bulk or in blister packaging, as well as bells and collars.
  • The range "APO FRANCE CONCEPT" which includes 19 articles, sold in blister packaging only.
  • The range "THE ACRYLIK" which includes 18 items, also sold in blister packaging.

All our products are developed and manufactured in our production facilities in France and have been patented.

Today, the company is N° 1 in France and offers the largest number of calls on the European market.

For eight decades the Manufacturer Helen BAUD has been the number one for passionate hunters and nature enthusiasts !

May everyone live his passion and keep the tradition alive. More than 80 years of experience in the manufacture and the creation of bird calls. The company was created in 1924 and specialized in products for hunters.

In 1956 Jeannot BAUD took over the manufacture of bird calls.

In 1991 Helen BAUD, filled with enthusiasm for hunting but also for nature, took over the family business. Since then, the company has been offering products for hunters as well as for nature lovers.

During the year 2000, being aware of the economic changes caused by the opening of the borders, Helen BAUD decided to extend the distribution of the products all over Europe. Always eager to meet the customer's needs, he increased the range of bird calls and diversified it by adding bells and collars.

Today, the company Helen Baud is N° 1 in France, and holds the greatests range of products on the Euopean market.

The current range "BIRD CALLS HELEN BAUD" includes about 80 bird calls, bells and the collars.

Our team develops and manufactures the products on the spot in Carpentras; some of them have even been patented.

Manufacture Hélen BAUD is the number one for passionate hunting and love to nature !