Lucid Optics (США)

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Lucid was founded in 2009 by Jason Wilson, former Brunton Optics Category Manager. One sunny afternoon in the fall, while he was working on a new product mix for Brunton, Jason asked himself why he was not on a ridge somewhere chasing elk? His next thoughts were, "this gear does not need to be so expensive" and "why couldn't the manufacturer combine the best features for the needs of the shooter, bundle it all together and offer an innovative product at an affordable price?". So, when the time was right, that was exactly what he did by creating Lucid. Lucid is an independent company specialising in fibre optics, copper datacoms and telecoms cabling and laser safety. We supply high quality training courses, ranging from City & Guilds courses carrying formal awards to custom developed specialist courses for companies. We also provide a variety of other technical services within our area of expertise, such as expert witness work, laser safety software, fibre data analysis and independent reports.