Модель: BinoX-HD 4-16X
Бинокль ATN BinoX-HD 4-16X
66,900 руб.
Зрительная труба 20-80x ATN X-SPOTTER HD
79,900 руб.
Модель: DGWSXS312A
Прицел ночного видения ATN X-Sight HD Day/Night 3-12x
75,900 руб.
Модель: DGWSXS518A
Прицел ночного видения ATN X-Sight HD Day/Night 5-18x
85,000 руб.
Модель: X-Sight II 3-14x
Прицел ночного видения ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night 3-14x
63,000 руб.
Модель: X-Sight II 5-20x
Прицел ночного видения ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night 5-20x
69,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD384 1,25-5X19
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD384 1,25-5X19
178,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD384 2-8X25
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD384 2-8X25
218,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD384 4,5-18X50
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD384 4,5-18X50
265,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD384 9-36X100
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD384 9-36X100
307,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD640 1,5-15X25
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD640 1,5-15X25
353,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD640 1-10X19
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD640 1-10X19
307,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD640 2,5-25X50
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD640 2,5-25X50
400,000 руб.
Модель: MARS-HD640 5-50X100
Прицел тепловизионный ATN MARS-HD640 5-50X100
490,000 руб.
WELCOME TO ATN! ATN Company ATN is a leading manufacturer and developer of precision Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging. In two decades we have built out a company focused on quality, innovation, and providing value to our customers. We manufacture the largest selection of low light optical devices and cater to consumers, law enforcement and military clients. Our R&D Department has consistently allowed us to launch cutting edge and innovative products and technologies. The new Thermal Line Thor Series Weapon Scopes, launched in 2011, have been universally recognized as the best line of Thermal Scopes on the market today. Their popular uses have been embraced not only by various branches of the military and law enforcement, but by a growing number of consumers that are unwilling to settle with anything but the best. In 2012, the introduction of the ODIN and the New OTS-X Series of multi-use thermal monoculars have nicely rounded out our Thermal product line. ODIN designed for military and law enforcement customers in mind is build tough and its all mill spec components prove it. While the OTS-X provides incredible performance and great value for customers who don't require all the rigors of actual combat. What's more all these systems are built right here in the USA. The devices are built from scratch, with our Production Team achieving levels of quality unparalleled in the industry. We are proud to say that American Technologies Network stands for Built and Developed in America. (We encourage our clients to visit our facilities and receive a tour of our manufacturing cells.) Our more traditional Night Vision line has also received a number of new additions. A new line of Night Vision Binoculars, Goggles, Monoculars, and Weapon Scopes have been added to the ATN family. The new systems take advantage of advances in both electronics and innovations using lighter weight and higher performing optics. Coupled with a new line of 2nd+ Generation 10160 and 10130 tubes, launched in 2012, and offering incredible performance at an amazing price, ATN's Night Vision line never looked this good. 2012 is also the first year ATN introduced its line of Digital Night Vision with "Ultra Bright" technology. The DNV line of monoculars offers incredible performance with a full color High- Resolution Display that is capable of offering bright sharp images even in the darkest of times. WPT was first introduced by ATN in 2005 and has been a popular high performance product offering since that time. For years, it has exceeded performance requirements of professionals and laymen by providing high levels of contrast with low signal to noise level. In 2012, WPT line has been expanded to include a much larger scope of systems. While still offering high contrast WPT tubes, ATN's new WPT models also boast far reduced cost and deliver an incredible bang for your buck. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND TECHNICAL SERVICE We are the manufacturer not a distributor and we pass the savings on to our customers. Do not be confused when you see some other brands that lack features and quality retailing for more money. Most ATN weapon sights and Day/Night systems are packaged in Mil-Spec, foam-inlayed, watertight, unbreakable, airtight, corrosion proof, up to $150 retail value hard cases. Other models come with ballistic nylon carrying cases. All of ATN products ship complete with detailed instruction manual, attractive retail gift boxes, all necessary hardware, and batteries are included with every unit. Here at ATN we will not accept anything but 100% customer satisfaction. This is our commitment to you. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals that will help you determine the problem and help guide you with any issue you might have with our products. In the unlikely event that one of our units will need to be serviced, our Warranty Repair Center in South San Francisco, CA will do the work in 72 hours or less in most of the cases. You can visit us for the latest in news, support and product line by going to Or by calling our Toll-Free Customer Service number 800-910-2862, where our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you answer any question. EXPERT ADVICE ATN has a dedicated team of trained professionals that are experts in our entire product line. They are dedicated in helping the end user with any problem they might have with the unit. From the simplest problem to the most complex, they will help you trouble shoot and give you expert advice on solving the issue quickly and efficiently. You won’t even have to waste time by sending the unit back for unnecessary repairs for something that can be fixed on site. TECHNOLOGY Although the optics play a critical role in overall quality of the Night Vision device, the heart of an NVD and the most important component is the Image Intensifier Tube (IIT). As one of the world’s biggest buyer of IITs, we source and acquire the best and the latest available image intensification technologies from top US and European producers. From hand selected premium grade 1st Generation to Filmless/autogated 4th Generation that would satisfy the most performance obsessed military clientele, ATN offers the best for your specific application. Our new WPT line of IITs offers an incredible selection of high contrast performance at amazing prices. You will certainly stand out of the crowd with a brand new WPT Scope from ATN. Thermal/IR scopes have been universally hailed as the next generation of low light detection devices. Here at ATN we have made impressive strides in developing not only systems but the technology behind the lens. Our wide array of Thermal Platforms today is the backbone of a multitude of systems used in Security, Commercial, Military, and Industrial applications. We offer anything from a 160x120 to 640x480 core sensors with a suite of electronics, displays, and custom User Interfaces (UI). For many years ATN did not enter the development of Digital Night Vision feeling that the technology has not yet matured to provide a performance better then 1st generation night vision tube. In 2012 ATN launched its first line of DNV monoculars with "Ultra Bright" core technology that finally delivers the performance that we have been striving for so long. But this is just the beginning and a lot more is about to be announced. Our attention to detail is especially apparent when it comes to construction. Materials range from titanium, aircraft quality aluminum alloys to hi-impact plastic composites. 1/8 MOA adjustments on our weapon scopes is an excellent example of what our CNC machines can do. We finish the job with O-rings, nitrogen purging and a hard exterior powder coating. This process makes our units virtually immune to all weather conditions.