Elcan optical technology is the backbone of Elcan scopes Posted on February 3, 2012 by admin Everyone boasts of his or her own choice. I am not an exception. Some are obsessed with fashion accessories; some are in love with gadgets; some are nuts on funky outfits, while some are all game for rifle and rifle accessories. Naturally, rifle scope or sighting system is a choice of mine being a hunter. ELCAN is my favorite brand of sight scope. Varied Elcan sight models are on offer stealing the show with crazy hunters like me. Evidently, I can’t help sharing with you the basics of Elcan optics. Raytheon Elcan optical technology is the backbone of Elcan scopes. Backing the functional mechanism of Elcan optics is the cutting-edge optical technology, a leader on a mission that is reaching out to the mass the world over. These are battle-tested, quality-driven, digital oriented, thermal imaging sighting systems. Elcan scopes in the series – Specter DR and Specter OS are multi-functional rifle sights. Raytheon ELCAN has been in the riflescope manufacturing industry since 1986. Elcan chases excellence and makes every possible effort to reach the peak by meeting increased consumer expectations through a cycle of continuous product development. Elcan stands out with topnotch technology to live up to newer operational requirements. Ruggedness, super capability, superior performance, operational simplicity, are some of the defining characteristics of Elcan optics. Elcan SpecterDR is a series of high-performing scopes mostly used by military marksmen. Scopes of this Elcan series are accurate small arms sighting devices. It is the first choice of military men for its ruggedness, precise making, optics with high resolution edge, and flawless functionality. ELCAN does not disappoint anyone. It has a line of lightweight optical scopes which are fits for modern security applications. 3x-4x is the magnification power. The Elcan SpecterOS devices combine a range finder and an illuminated reticle as well as Rapid aiming feature. Meant for precise aiming at targets, these Elcan scopes consist of a single piece aluminum housing combined with shock-absorbing rubber bumpers.