SportPlast, Italian company, having been producing different type of decoys since 1952.

Sport Plast knows the importance that the decoys have in the hunting nowadays, for this reason it performs realistic life size reproductions of different species of waterfowl and other birds. Beside reproduce animals for lawn and garden ornaments.

Our company president and chief designer, Mr. Augusto Franceschini, has been studying waterfowl and other wildlife for over 50 years and is an acknowledged expert in waterfowl ornithology, which is why our wildlife reproductions are so life-like. Mr. Franceschini spends almost 1/3 of the year in the field studying wildlife and testing new products, constantly looking for ways to make more realistic, easier to use products.

Only the products he has personally tested and is satisfied go into actual production.

Mr. Franceschini collaborates and manages the work of artists and technicians whom are assigned to complete every sculpture and creation of new models and production moulds.Sport Plast has long been recognized as a leader in designing realistic and effective decoys for the serious waterfowl hunter.

Our skilled technician team in partnership with our sales and marketing staff would want satisfy all the need of every customer and offer you the right product for you need.

Our most important asset is you: our customers.

We are proud to offer decoys Made in Italy and we would wish they were everywhere.