Кронштейн для Noblex (Docter) и Burris FF на оптику 30 мм GG&G (USA)

Модель:  GGG-1326

Артикул: 1664

цена: 8,750 руб.
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Кольцо для установки открытого коллиматорного прицела на оптический прицел с трубкой диаметром 30 мм.

Кронштейн для DOCTER Sight и Burris FF на оптику 30 мм GG&G (USA)

Сьемный водозащищенный отсек для хранения батареек 2032

Подходит для большинства открытых коллиматорв типа Доктэр. 

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B-Comp 30mm Ring System Complete

The New B-COMP 30mm was developed to fill two needs expressed to us by long range tactical shooters. First, although positioned for a long range engagement, the shooter may encounter short range targets requiring life saving fast action. Secondly, long range optics with features that require batteries are becoming more common. Because these batteries are small and thin it is somewhat difficult to keep track of them in a pack or support kit. “Give us a way to keep them close to the optic”.

The GG&G Design Team designed a method to do both in one compact package. The B-COMP 30mm Ring System provides a lightweight scope ring that includes a removable and ambidextrous mounting platform for the light weight mini red dot sights like the JPoint, the Doctor Sight and the Trijicon RedDot. Mounted at 45 degrees to the elevation turret, the platform allows the mini red dot to be positioned in such a way that the shooter needs only to slightly roll the rifle to acquire a close range target. The B-COMP Ring System also includes a removable water tight battery compartment. The unique design will accommodate one of each; (1) 2032 wafer battery commonly used in lit reticle scopes, and (1)1/3N battery, used in the mini red dot optics. It is mounted out of the way and close to the receiver. To accommodate the shooters preferences and scope ergonomics, the B-COMP 30mm Ring can be mounted behind or forward of the turrets.

All components are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized matte black per mil-spec. As with all GG&G tactical accessories, the parts have been dehorned for the shooters safety.


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