Модель: 110052
Цепная пила Hooyman Hand-held Chain, 110052
2,400 руб.
Модель: 110105
Цепная пила Hooyman Micro Chain, 110105
2,700 руб.
Модель: 110104
Цепная пила Hooyman Survival Ring, 110104
800 руб.
Модель: 110103
Цепная пила с веревкой Hooyman High Limb Chain, 110103
6,000 руб.
The Hooyman Premium Tree Saw is made of premium high carbon steel, Hooyman's MegaBite™ blade features a special four edge tooth design which cuts better than any folding saw you've ever used. Each section of the telescopic extension arm locks down individually, creating an incredibly sturdy extendible saw that can extend up to 5 or 10 feet. The extension arms on a Hooyman saw are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum in a super strong I-beam configuration. They are lightweight, sturdy and strong.